Babylon Smart  was set up in 2017 for the smaller or medium sized business.  A wide spectrum of advice is available either from in house resources or through a network of consultants covering five key areas:

- I've got an idea and want to start a business, I want to build my business, I've got a problem

-setting up in business, structure, sources of professional help

  - marketing and distributing from start up to nationally branded products

- finance search and advice, from start up to going public

-controlling what's happening: book keeping, accounting, finance, audit, people

Current clients and work in hand can be identified under "Projects"

Babylon Smart is the trading identity of Babylon Farm Business Development Ltd ( BFBDL )

Jeremy McLaughlin
Director, Founder and Principal (see below)
Salli McLaughlin, Director (see below)

Jeremy McLaughlin started his business career owning an Old People's Home in Folkestone (sold in 1986).


He then spent ten years in his family business becoming Managing Director and employing 100 staff responsible for the sales and marketing of nationally branded products Teacher's Whisky, Beefeater Gin and Lowenbrau Beer. 


The representation of the German Brewer Lowenbrau (Munich) allowed him to segue into the retail side of the business owning 10  500 capacity Bierkellers all over England which were able  over time to trade into much broader market segments offering discotheques, artists evenings and other types of events.

On the small business front the family owned a twelve bed Residential Home for the elderly for twenty years and has owned a working farm  for forty five years.


In his back pocket is a first degree in Accounting & Finance (LSE);

a M.A. in Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck); a Maths degree (OU).  He was also a qualified Chartered Secretary.

Salli McLaughlin studied Agriculture at Guelph University in Canada and Economics and Art at Kent. 


She has played a big role in the key businesses the family have been involved in. 


For many years she provided the day to day link for the manager of the Old People's Home in Folkestone. As well as that she provided the very important back office function for the night club business employing 100s of staff.   In addition she was a hands on manager and operative for the farm investment, and still manages the farm accounts and liveries.