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Almost any business large or small should/must have a web site, regardless of  business potential.

BABYLON SMART can develop a basic web site in a matter of days and for a cost which will be affordable.  It will be affordable because, initially we will discuss with you, your needs and budget and we know the time taken to get going. 

The basic package will be 'basic', later gold plating can be arranged on a pre-agreed time/cost basis.

Web sites developed to date:

- Lados Sailing Club - www.lados.co.uk (10 years)

- Lady Emma - bookings/activities - www.ladyemma sailing.co.uk

- Longman enterprises - www.DublinFairs.i.e (3 years)

- The Dawn Chorus - www.The Dawn Chorus.co.uk - delisted

- Hurst Court Prep School - www.hurstcourt.org (1 year)

- Babylon Smart - www.babylonsmart.co.uk (1 year)